Nuestra Historia (Our History)

As told by Lolita Medina

El Farol and I have a lot in common. We were born in the same year, in the same month and in the same family.

My grandparents had been in the restaurant business since about 1945. They owned one of the first Mexican restaurants in the valley. It was called El Charro and it was first located on 148 east and 200 south. It was a tiny place, but many frequented it and have fond memories of it.

Grandpa Rafael left it to my uncle Rey hoping to retire.Grandpa Rafael couldn't get used to staying home and not working and at the age of 66 he opened El Farol.

The first day he opened El Farol, family legend says he only made fifty cents. Mexican food back in the sixties wasn't that well known. Only the locals that had grown up alongside with the Mexican culture and others that were adventurous came to try it. Pretty soon they got the word out and they would tell others about how good the homemade salsa was and that the refried beans were the best they ever tasted.

My father Elias started helping out my Grandfather around the time my family had moved here from California. In 1992 my father, Elias, decided to continue the El Farol legacy here across the street from the original location. My mother, Luz, did most of the heavy cooking, following my grandmother's original recipes and making a few additions of her own.

After many years of cooking the family recipes and working long hours, my husband, Roberto, and I Lolita, felt that it was important to continue with the family legacy.

We hope that someday my sons and even their cousins will decide to learn the family recipes and continue on with this rich legacy.We hope to continue to bring smiles and welcome all those who dine within our doors.