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Looking for Great Mexican Food in Utah Just Got Easier

Cochinita Pibil at El Farol

In all my years working around Mexican food I’ve never had the pleasure of trying this pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula. In our effort to bring deep Mexican cuisine to Utah, our own Chef Manuel Serrano has been busy preparing Cochinita Pibil. Quick language lesson: Cochinita is Spanish for little pig, the meat served in the dish. Pibil is a Mayan word meaning buried,  referring to the way it is traditionally slow-cooked in a pit with coals. My guess is that they wanted to end the world so they wouldn’t have to share this recipe with us. El Farol customers 1, Mayan Doomsday 0.

This is slow-cooked pork at its best!

Chef Manuel marinates the pork in a mixture of oranges, lemon juice, and achiote (a Mexican seed) which is then wrapped in banana leaves when the cooking begins. He also cures red onions with habanero cheese, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and pepper. This forms the truly unique “sauce” that even picky people like myself (I hate onions) will enjoy (I was brave. I ate the onions, THEY WERE FANTASTIC). Check out this little video to see Chef Manuel in action preparing this unique and citrus-infused dish. Cochinita Pibil will be available at El Farol beginning March 1st, for $14.99.

Have you ever had Cochinita Pibil? What did you think of it?


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