The Story of Utah's Most Authentic Mexican Resturant

“The Lantern” is the english translation of the name El Farol. If you’ve ever seen this restaurant sitting right off the Midvale exit you may have passed by not realizing the gem that it is- hidden .... read more

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Looking for Great Mexican Food in Utah Just Got Easier

Cochinita Pibil at El Farol In all my years working around Mexican food I’ve never had the pleasure of trying this pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula. In our effort to bring deep Mexican cuisine to.... read more

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5 Ingredients That Make All the Difference in Mexican Food.

by Anthony ChristieI’m no cook. If you’ve ever seen my cooking show you know what I’m talking about. Here at El Farol Mexican Restaurant I perform a “fetch things for people, and whatever you do, don’.... read more

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